With school shootings increasing, Coach Hall Foundation calls on nation to act
Changing the current culture is our collective responsibility and there is no time to waste.

Chardon, OH – February 27, 2018 – Today marks the six-year anniversary of the shooting at Chardon High School that left three students dead and three others injured. Sadly, it has been just two weeks since the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida where 17 students were killed.

With surviving teachers and administrators from the Chardon tragedy leading the way, the Coach Hall Foundation members are sharing their story and calling on the nation to take action.

“The Coach Hall Foundation believes that finding a solution to these deadly attacks must be a national priority,” states Tim Armelli, foundation president. “Our nation’s most valuable resource is our children and their safety must be of paramount importance to everyone. We cannot wait, wish, and hope that ‘it won’t happen here’.”

The foundation is calling on every parent, teacher, administrator, school board member, community member, legislator, and student to take responsibility and action.

“We must take collective responsibility for tragedies that occur in our schools and we must find proactive approaches to end this cycle of violence,” says Coach Frank Hall. “There is no place that is immune from heartbreak. Idyllic communities have been locations of immense tragedy. Newtown, Littleton, Parkland, Blacksburg, and, our own Chardon were all known for community safety prior to our devastating attacks. The “it can’t happen here” mentality is unacceptable and ignorant.”

The foundation lists ways to reconnect and become aware of current challenges and concerns with the hope of preventing more heartbreak.

“Parents, talk with your kids,” adds Armelli. “Students, work with your peers. Community members, call your school boards and administrators to talk about safety. Coaches, talk to your team about life challenges and overcoming adversity. Families, contact your legislators. Legislators, reach out to students, parents, schools and your colleagues. Neighbors, keep an eye and ear out for one another.”

“If we want to change this current culture, it is on all of us,” Hall added. “We challenge all Americans to be part of the solution. This protection can come and should come in as many different layers as possible. We must take our heads out of the sand. The time is now to reach out to one another to create solutions to these attacks in our schools.”

About The Coach Hall Foundation
Since the 2012 attack at Chardon High School, members of the foundation have been addressing student safety, school preparedness, and incident recovery at conferences, schools, and organizations across the country each year. The mission of the foundation is to research, support, provide, and campaign for effective means to prevent school violence.

Tim Armelli, President
The Coach Hall Foundation for the Protection of Our School Children
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