chardon-highFebruary 27, 2012 was the day in which gun violence erupted inside Chardon High School. Three students were killed, three others injured in the hale of gunfire. Over a thousand students and staff were traumatized when this one gunman opened fire in their school in a violent and senseless act.. Lives forever changed.

The Coach Hall Foundation is fighting, fighting for our kids, our students, their parents and our schools. Fighting so parents can see their kids every night, help their sons and daughters with their homework, and tuck them in at night. The Coach Hall Foundation is fighting so we can see our children laugh, cry, succeed, struggle, achieve, win, lose, graduate and grow. Fighting so we can see our children come home - every day.

60_0223_Pelley-lowresAnd every day kids are getting of buses, others are getting dropped off by their parents. Teachers are getting their rooms prepared for another day. The cafeteria is bustling with the sounds of children talking, and their laughter. There are meetings of students groups in the school, while other students’ retreat to the library for a little quiet study time. Another day of school has begun.

This day is different though. Some students will never make it home. They won’t go to another class, another recess, sporting event, or prom. They will never see their mom, dad, brother or sister again. They won’t graduate. They won’t go to college or start a career. They won’t see their children’s first day of school. Today is the last day they will be alive.

The Coach Hall Foundation is taking a stand. A stand to make a difference, a stand to protect our school children and return them home everyday.
Please stand with us.