We are sick and tired of being sick and tired of the failure of elected officials to act, demonstrate leadership, and protect our school children.

Chardon High School and the entire Chardon community lived through Ohio’s worst school shooting in February 2012. Lives lost. Lives changed forever. Nine months before the horrors of Sandy Hook.

More than ten years later, we relive the pain and anguish as countless communities and families go through the grief, ache, and anger of previously unconscionable acts of murder in spaces that are meant to be safe.

The Coach Hall Foundation was formed following our horrific event with the mission to provide effective means to prevent school violence and improve the quality of life in our school communities. The Foundation continues to assist communities across the nation to find ways to protect our students, faculty, and staff in every school setting.

However, we cannot make significant changes without the LEADERSHIP of our elected officials, our representatives, and all school leaders.

ONCE AGAIN, we ask our legislators, both state and national, to ACT NOW to enact legislation that can prevent such horrors and bring layers of protection to our most-prized possessions, our country’s most valuable resource, and our most vulnerable citizens – our children.

The Coach Hall Foundation advocates for two fundamental beliefs:
1. All students, faculty, and staff have the right to a safe and secure learning environment.
2. Families have the right to expect their loved ones to come home safely from school every day.

The following must be addressed to ensure a safe and secure environment for our children;

  • Carefully selected and specially trained School Resource Officers should be present in every school building every day school is in session.
  • Coordinated proactive, predictive, preventative, reactive, and post event planning and practice for catastrophic events must be mandated.
  • Responsible gun ownership
  • Mental health experts should be available in every school building.
  • All paid and volunteer staff members that have direct contact with students should have mandatory mental health training every year. This includes all extracurricular activity staff.
  • School design for new and renovated projects needs to address imminent threats and hostile intruder scenarios.

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