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SECURE MY CAMPUS  | Implementation Solutions

Secure My Campus (SMC) assists schools and businesses with the issues and challenges of protecting their #1 resource, people. In partnership with Mace Security International, SMC draws on combined decades of security services, technology and world class safety and security products to evaluate, develop and implement safety plans and practices. This multidisciplinary approach includes on-site training, compliance services, remediation, product placement, continuing education, resources and preparedness planning.  The development and implementation of these practices will encourage and provide a safe environment for all individuals.


SMC Safety Foundation.logoSMC Safety Foundation  | Building Steps to Safety in our Communities

SMC Safety Foundation’s mission is to protect our nation’s most valuable resource: our people. We do this by connecting entire communities and collaborating on issues to achieve the common goal of creating safe environments.


Bearacade®  | Hostile Intruder Lockdown Response Products

Lightweight, easy to store and quick to deploy, Bearacade® is ideal for classrooms, offices, doors without locks, and any other possible shelter-in-place location. Bearacade® fits perfectly with any response protocol and training you are using when it comes to sheltering in place. Installed correctly, the patent-pending Bearacade® device can withstand 4,800 pounds of external force.


The Coach Hall Foundation is now contacting experts in the fields of mental health, security, and law enforcement to join our advisory board.