I Stand with the Coach Hall Foundation to Protect our School Children.

“We need to find ways to secure our schools better.  We need to make a stand right now that our schools need to be the most important thing we have in this country, not Wall Street, not Capitol Hill, our schools. We need to determine that in our minds and heart, that our schools and our children need to be the most important thing we have. That’s the bottom line.” Coach Frank Hall on 60 minutes with Scott Pelley.

The Coach Hall Foundation is fighting, fighting for our kids, our students, their parents and our schools.  Fighting so parents can see their kids every night, help their sons and daughters with their homework, and tuck them in at night.  The Coach Hall Foundation is fighting so we can see our children laugh, cry, succeed, struggle, achieve, win, lose, graduate and grow.  Fighting so we can see our children come home - every day.

Join Coach Hall and the Foundation and take a stand to Protect Our School Children.