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Organizations unite to raise awareness and funding for School Resource Officer (SRO) programs in every district.

Cleveland and Chardon, OH — (March 1, 2016) – Formed as a result of the 2012 school shooting at Chardon High School in Ohio, The Coach Hall Foundation and SMC Safety Foundation have joined forces to reduce the unfortunate and needless violence that we frequently read about across the country.

The Coach Hall Foundation (CHF) was founded by Coach Frank Hall, a supervisor and coach who chased the gunman from Chardon High School and put his own life on the line to save others. He took a stand that fateful day – a stand to make a difference, a stand to protect our school children and return them home safely every day. The vision of SMC Safety Foundation (SSF) is to ensure that entire communities are secure and optimally prepared to prevent, respond and recover from any crisis while making certain that every individual feels safe and part of a welcoming, unified community.

After routinely hearing about the lack of school funding for safety and security as well as the difficulties local police departments face in providing dedicated school resource officers, SMC Safety Foundation was started in 2015 by Terry Malone and Mike Pray, principals in Secure My Campus. SSF is committed to overcoming these challenges and providing a school resource officer (SRO) in every district.

The partnership of the two organizations leverages their considerable resources. Working as one foundation, SSF & CHF will raise awareness and funding while building best of breed vendor partnerships that are linked with strong community relationships to achieve a single mission – the safety and security of our children.

We have joined forces to deliver a powerful message and a robust platform to achieve our vision. Our foundations strongly believe that every school district should have an SRO program which benefits students, staff and the local school community. We believe that SRO programs are the first step in safety and security, and provide the perfect foundation to implement and maintain future programs.

We will work as one to advance SRO programs through awareness, training, human resources, and support. Our mission will grow nationally and expand to address other important school safety concerns and deliver security solutions through our foundation resources and a network of partners.

According to the president of The Coach Hall Foundation Tim Armelli, the collaboration with SMC Safety Foundation is perfect because it will enable both entities to fulfill the ultimate goal of protecting our children in school.

Retired police officer and co-founder of SMC Safety Foundation, Terry Malone, has committed his second career to protecting children. “I had family at Columbine and Chardon when the senseless, fatal tragedies occurred. We, as a society, need to take a stand and I am excited about working toward a common mission with our friends at The Coach Hall Foundation.”

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Download the press release here: SSF CHF SRO PRESS RELEASE 3-2016